3 Principles to Eating Well for Osteoporosis and Better Health With Deanna Minich, PhD

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What is your favorite color? Different colors have different meanings. Color can change and heal our lives. When we fill our plates with fresh fruits and vegetables, we often find that our plates look like a rainbow. But what do these colors signify? 


Today’s episode delves into the fundamental principles of eating well for optimal bone health and overall wellness. Exploring the three principles of nutrition science, we uncover the transformative power of color, creativity, and diversity in our diets. Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Deanna Minich, PhD, we understand how the vibrant spectrum of colors in our foods directly impacts our health and vitality.


Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, CNS, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (IFMCP), is a nutrition scientist, international lecturer, teacher, and author with over twenty years of experience in academia and the food and dietary supplement industries. 


She is the author of six consumer books on wellness topics, four book chapters, and over fifty scientific publications. Her passion is helping others live well by making therapeutic lifestyle changes that impact their physical, emotional, mental, and overall health.


Ready to add color to your life? Join us for another informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast as we embark on a journey toward better health, one colorful plate at a time, and unlock the secrets to nourishing our bodies for longevity and vitality.


“Sometimes, we need to get out of our ruts, out of our grooves. You know, we become so regimented with food, and if you keep doing the same thing and don’t change it, how can you expect different results?” – Deanna Minich, PhD




In this episode:

[02:04] – The three principles of nutrition science

[02:47] – Color within the food we eat and its significance

[10:09] – Yellow food that looks enticing but is not good for your body

[14:30] – Food preparation methods to reduce oxalates

[20:04] – Sources of food that are good for your health

[21:52] – A simple test to know what’s going on inside your body

[30:37] – Why creativity matters when it comes to food 

[31:05] – The role of diversity in the food we consume

[34:46] – Health benefits of spices 

[35:57] – Eating for fun and health

[37:49] – How to incorporate color, creativity, and diversity in your diet

[44:42] – How food affects our hormones

[52:48] – Simple shifts that will do wonders for your life


Resources mentioned

Happy Bones Membership – https://www.happyboneshappylife.com/bones-club

Learn more about Deanna Minich, PhD, and her work – https://deannaminich.com/ (Go to the Resources tab to get a copy of the Variety Tracker and a 2-page guide on Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes to Hormone Health)


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