Upgrading Your Vagus Nerve for Better Bone Health With Dr. Navaz Habib

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Have you ever stopped and marveled at the intricate design of the human body? It contains trillions of cells, 78 different organs, and more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels. Over 7 trillion nerves form the complex nervous system, which is the central portal to all body systems, including our bones. 


Within the nervous system is the vital nerve in charge of involuntary biological processes. The Vagus nerve is the most vital element of the parasympathetic nervous system. But what exactly does it mean in simple terms? How does the Vagus nerve work, and what does it have to do with our health? Does it have anything to do with whether or not we get Osteoporosis? 


Today, I have an expert on the Vagus nerve, and he’s here to explain the vital things we must know about it. He also shares tips on stimulating the Vagus nerve for better health. 


Dr. Navaz Habib is the author of Activate Your Vagus Nerve and the recently released Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve. He is the host of The Health Upgrade Podcast


Dr. Habib graduated as class valedictorian from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2010 and went on to practice traditional chiropractic for years until he utilized the power of functional medicine to transform his health. He is the founder of Health Upgraded, an online functional health consulting clinic supporting optimal health by elevating the awareness and function of the Vagus nerve.


Are you interested in learning more about this fantastic nerve in your body? Join us in today’s super informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast! 


“The breath, for me, is the key to creating optimal Vagus nerve function. And understanding your control of your breath is the determining factor of your Vagus nerve being turned on or off.” – Dr. Navaz Habib

In this episode:

[02:12] – Why Dr. Habib got so involved with studying the Vagus nerve

[05:15] – Health concerns Dr. Habib has encountered and their link to the Vagus nerve

[09:06] – The relationship between the Vagus nerve and bone health

[17:15] – The result of a study about a group of people with Vagus nerve implant

[19:26] – How to know the state of your Vagus nerve

[26:04] – The inspiration behind Dr. Habib’s new book

[31:00] – What is the polyvagal theory?

[32:46] – Simple yet powerful tips for better health

[43:19] – The role of creative pursuits in making our bodies thrive

[46:16] – A therapeutic tool for Vagus nerve stimulation


Resources mentioned

Happy Bones Membership – https://www.happyboneshappylife.com/bones-club

Download the Vagus Nerve Workbook – vagusnervebook.com

Interested in Buying a Handheld Vagus Nerve Stimulator? Get It Here – https://www.truvaga.com/ (Use Dr. Habib’s code HEALTHOPERATED to get a discount)

Learn More About Dr. Habib and His Work – https://www.drnavazhabib.com/


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