Today’s Power Tip:  Eat Like a Champ – Lessons from Tom Brady

Eat like a champWhat does Tom Brady eat to give him the energy, endurance, and the good health he needs to be the champion he is?

Last year, Alan Campbell, the Brady family’s private chef, shared their diet in an interview done with I was thrilled to see the similarities with what I teach my clients. Here are some of the key points  from the interview.

What he eats:
Fresh organic vegetables, beans, and whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa and millet comprise 80% of what Campbell cooks for the Brady family. The remaining 20% consists of lean meats including grass-fed organic steak, duck, and occasionally chicken. As for fish, he mostly cooks wild salmon.

He only cooks with coconut oil and uses raw olive oil for other cold preparations and dressings. He uses Himalayan pink salt for seasoning.

What he avoids:
Campbell does not use any white sugar, white flour, MSG, or iodized salt. He does not include coffee or dairy in his meals. Tom also avoids eating nightshade vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, mushroom, and eggplant). He occasionally will have a tomato.  Campbell cooks gluten-free for the family.

How we can eat like a champion:
Everyone is different and there is not one diet that works for all of us. That being said, there are some general concepts that we can all benefit from.

1.     A diet comprised of mostly vegetables is filled with nutrients and vitamins that will increase energy and improve your overall health.

2.     Keep the protein aspect of the meal (in Tom’s case grass fed meat, poultry, and wild fish) to 20% of the meal. This allows us to maintain strong bones and stay in a healthy alkaline state.

3.     Avoiding white sugar, white flour, MSG, and iodized salt is beneficial for all of us. These foods are inflammatory and can contribute to many medical conditions. For some individuals, avoiding nightshades can reduce inflammation.

4.     Using good fats such as olive oil and coconut oil in your diet is important for sustained energy, nutrient absorption and provides numerous health benefits.

You don’t need a private chef to eat like a champion, but you do need a willingness and dedication. For those who need guidance, I’m here to help you!

I look forward to hearing how you incorporate these tips into your life. You too can win your own Super Bowl!

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