Integrative Osteoporosis Treatment, Your Questions Answered With Dr. Kim Millman

hormone balancehormone balance

I’ve been getting so many questions about Osteoporosis and bone health. So, I’m sharing another Q&A session that focuses on complementary therapies and practical actions you can take to improve your bone health. And I have another expert to help me answer the questions. 


Dr. Kim Millman is an integrated medical doctor and the founder of The Millman Clinic. Her passion is to help people live the rich, full lives they deserve without the burden of chronic illness. She is gifted at integrating, partnering, and customizing so that her patients get the most innovative and comprehensive medical care possible. 


Her training and abilities are as unique as the care that she provides. She is an expert in Functional Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing, two holistic techniques she integrates into her medical practice. 


Thank you for listening to another informative episode of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast! 


“What I say to everyone is that when you look at root cause factors, it is almost always multifactorial. There is not just one thing. There are many things usually. And all of these factors are really unique to you.” – Dr. Kim Millman


In this episode:

[01:25] – What does a high NTx mean, and what can you do about that?

[09:15] – If you break a leg and struggle for the bones to mend, what are the best bone-building foods, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and spices to help the bones heal?

[13:54] – I wasn’t aware of the link between glucose level and bone loss. What are some strategies for lowering blood glucose other than reducing sweets and sweetened beverages?

[21:08] – For someone with a high CTX of 869, are there supplements that will help lower this number? 

[22:29] – If you eat a spinach salad for lunch or overnight oats with chia seeds for breakfast, how long after the spinach salad or chia seeds should you wait to absorb the calcium from a glass of milk?

[23:54] – Success stories from people who eliminated oxalates from their diet

[26:09] – Can you suggest the best collagen for bones? Is it important to buy organic collagen and to see “For the Bones” listed in the packet? 

[27:22] – How do we get doctors to work with us to find root causes? What’s the conversation like? I’m not having luck here. I feel like my current endocrinologist fired me because I’m refusing to take the drug treatment until I find out more about the cause.

[34:26] – Getting 1200mg of calcium every day from food is very challenging. Is taking a 600mg supplement better than not meeting the 1200? Is it safe to take calcium supplements if you have kidney stones?


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