Discover How Gratitude Boosts Health and Happiness With Margie and Craig Bissinger

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Gratitude has always been a powerful practice for me, elevating my own mood and outlook every time I felt appreciation.  


But what’s so fascinating is that science has thoroughly studied gratitude, and the data shows how significantly it can impact health and well-being.


Extensive research has validated what I intuitively knew and now provides concrete proof of just how effective “good medicine” an attitude of gratitude can be.


In this Thanksgiving episode, I spoke with my husband, Dr. Craig Bissinger, about the health benefits of gratitude. 


Dr. Craig Bissinger is an OB/GYN in Parsippany, New Jersey. Together, we discuss research showing that simple gratitude practices can significantly boost mood, and reduce stress and depression.


Today, you will learn specific practices for cultivating an “attitude of gratitude.” These practices are simple, effective, and nearly free, yet they provide incredible value. 


If you want to enhance your health, mood, and relationships, start infusing your life with gratitude through some of the impactful (yet simple practices) discussed in this episode. Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for listening! 


“In the attitude of gratitude, stress just can’t survive. That’s the beauty of this. It’s the antidote to stress. And, you know, we live in [an] extremely stressful society. So the more gratitude we can incorporate, the better.” – Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC



In this episode:

[00:00] – Welcome to another episode of Happy Bones, Happy Life

[01:24] – What is gratitude? 

[02:28] – Scientific studies proving the benefits of gratitude

[06:03] – Effects of receiving a gratitude letter 

[09:46] – How to apply gratitude in social contexts

[13:28] – A trick to use on a Thanksgiving family gathering 

[14:39] – What is a gratitude break?

[15:42] – What about self-gratitude?

[18:33] – Gratitude practices you can implement in your life

[22:29] – More suggestions for Thanksgiving 


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