191. Boosting Vitality at Any Age | Meredith Oppenheim


“It’s not how long you live, but how well you live and how good you feel. And so my definition is really to optimize that health span, living longer and living well.”

–Meredith Oppenheim



Meredith Oppenheim is the Founder and CEO of Vitality Society™, an online community designed to enrich, engage, and empower people 60 and better to remain at their best. The transformative platform has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Harvard Business School Bulletin, and Thrive Global, as well as on ABC, NBC, and Fox. It has been referred to as a lifeline and a game changer for physical and mental well-being.

She served on Mayor Bloomberg’s Age-Friendly NYC Commission and the NYC Department for Aging board during her decades as an executive in the senior housing industry. Meredith is a US Congressional Award winner for her service to seniors and a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Cornell University.

In October 2022 she was featured in Entrepreneur magazine and selected as a 2023 SXSW panelist.

In today’s episode, we discuss tangible steps we can all take to boost our vitality at any age.




[02:39] Why Meredith Loves What She Does

[05:22] The Principals to Incorporate to Achieve Vitality

[14:13] A Little Fatigue Can Make Your Trip Better

[17:55] Relationships – The Number One Piece to More Years in Your Life

[24:47] Self-Care Isn’t Selfish

[32:13] The Types of Classes Meredith Offers

[36:03] Vitality Society and Free Offer


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