123- Katie Oglesby, Garden Girl | Gardening: A Tool for a Healthier Life

“Everybody can be a gardener. It’s healthy to get our hands in our soil and build our immune system.” 

Katie Oglesby

Katie Oglesby is a certified health coach and known as the Garden Girl. She creates gardens that make it fun and easy to elevate your home, garden, diet, and life! She teaches people how to grow and use their freshly harvested ingredients in their home-cooked meals

As a garden designer and a certified health coach, Katie’s specialty is designing beautiful gardens that help her clients and their families reach their health and lifestyle goals. Katie believes that gardens truly are a way to heal your body, clear your mind, nourish your soul, and love your life. In this inspiring interview, Katie gives fabulous tips on ways to get maximum benefits from gardening.



[01:37] How Katie got her start in gardening

[06:50] How your garden can thrive in cold weather

[15:12] Storing your food in the winter

[20:24] Preparing for your garden in all seasons

[27:25] The role of a garden coach


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